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Marine Operations contributes to society through an arrange of services that are mainly focused on responding to the problematics that biofouling represents to different industries. These comprise from underwater maintenance such as hull cleaning to the development of specific biofouling mangement strategies for open ocean aquacutlure farms. The knowledge on marine biology and oceanography lets us also offer environmental mangament services as biological monitoring that are of interest for envionmental consultancy agencies. Our services are grouped in to these three categores:

Underwater maintenance

Our underwater cleaning services are carried out with high technology equipment that ensures the best results. Among these, specialized water jet system to remove biofouling of metalic structures, a set of hydraulic brushes, that shortens the services times and allows us to provide services to large structures such as ferries, ports, and docks. 

Biofouling consultancy

Through our expertise in biofouling we seek to develop tailor-made management strategies and methods for each client.

Enviornmental diving

Biological monitoring is one of the main methods used today to determine the health status of ecosystems. Solid information is gathered on which to base the development and evaluation of environmental management strategies. Biological monitoring is a fundamental part of environmental impact studies. Through this it is possible to determine a baseline, the description and comparison of environmental trends. It also verifies the fulfillment of objectives of a project.















“Our passion for the ocean led us both to study marine biology. In 2013 we decided to combine our talents, energies and interests in to this commercial enterprise. Since then Marine Operations has grown rapidly within the field of biofouling, and in short time established itself locally as a leading company in underwater maintenance services.

We are confident that Marine Operations will continue to thrive, making La Paz a well-known port for ship underwater maintenance where innovative and eco-friendly management solutions for biofouling will be developed.”

Michael Murtaugh & Yoel Goldchain
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Sofia Pacheco
Carlos Hernandez
Michael Murtaugh
Commercial diving
Saul Albavera
Afelandra Gonzalez
Senior scientist
Marco Medina
Natural resources
Yoel Goldchain

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