Environmental Diving

Environmental diver

Enviornmental diver

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Through our environmental diving services we seek to respond to the needs of society and the environment. Through scientific methods our goal is to develop products and services that are friendly to the environment. In this way to promote in a healthy way the commercial, recreational and cultural development that impacts the marine environment.

Biological monitoring is one of the main methods used today to determine the health status of ecosystems. Solid information is gathered on which to base the development and evaluation of environmental management strategies. Biological monitoring is a fundamental part of environmental impact studies. Through this it is possible to determine a baseline, the description and comparison of environmental trends. It also verifies the fulfillment of objectives of a project.

Accurate collection of data is fundamental within the framework of scientific research. Through these can gather, catalog and coordinate critical information for decision making on: the proper use of resources, the establishment of a protected area , The determination of non-fishing areas due to overlapping with fish breeding areas and / or the establishment of appropriate levels for tourism development in an area where a minimum impact on the environment can be successful.

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